You Are Here is an educational resource, designed to share LGBTQ+ heritage with new and diverse audiences. A series of session plans have been developed to engage young people with LGBTQ+ heritage, 06 are available to download.

To access all 15 session plans email:

If you identify as LGBTQ+, live in Merseyside, and have a personal, powerful and/or poignant story of local LGBTQ+ heritage then complete the contact form below.

Thinking Film exists to provide people with a voice. Telling stories that challenge the way people see the world.

A Social Enterprise specialising in the production of film & media content. From concept to creation, Thinking Film crafts unique cinematic experiences, inspiring moments of connection with new and diverse audiences.

Committed to improving life chances, Thinking Film adopts a collaborative approach to project delivery. A bespoke workshop programme explores personal development and wellbeing, resulting in measurable outcomes.

Thinking Film provides creative solutions enabling people and organisations to communicate their message. Producing thought-provoking and engaging content that raises awareness and promotes change.

We’re Thinking Film. Are You?

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